At Sevenhills Wholefoods we are committed to our charity work and we have worked on a variety of projects worldwide. Our social projects are focused on helping the least well off in society to receive the basics that we believe everyone should have, such as food, education, housing, water, medicine and sanitation.

 How you help us make a difference:

  • Our customers allow us to make a difference to the lives of our farmers and the communities that they support.
  • Our farmers allow us to make a difference to the lives of our customers through the health-enhancing wholefoods they grow.
  • Together we are able to make a difference to the lives of people in the developing world through the charities that Sevenhills Wholefoods supports.

Charities we have supported:

Kids Club Kampala

Kids Club Kampala is a UK charity who work to improve the future prospects of children in the slum communities of Kampala, Uganda. We are working with Kids Club Kampala to provide informal education classes to extremely poor children, who would otherwise have no access to schooling. We are supporting their third project in the Namuwongo slum to provide 100 3-11 year olds with basic education. The children will receive a hot meal and the centre will remain open after school hours as a safe location, away from danger and the temptations of drug use to do homework, ask questions, get extra help and receive food.

The Lunchbowl Network 

The Lunchbowl Network currently operate one kindergarten school in Kibera, Kenya, the biggest slum in Africa, with 55 children. We are helping them launch their second, larger site that will accommodate up to 150 children. The charity will then be able to provide just over 200 children with the opportunity to learn and play in a clean, safe, stimulating, caring and respectful environment.


Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International promotes the implementation of ICT resources into under-privileged areas to ensure a more positive future for young people. We are working with them to establish valuable e-classes across 10 schools in the Moyamba district of Sierra Leone, providing a total of 200 PC’s and 30 laptops, impacting the education of 12,000 students. Through our work with CAI we hope to help reduce the worldwide ICT-skill inequality gap.


The Mityana Charity

The Mityana Charity are a UK charity who support the Mityana district in Uganda. We are working with them to provide Kasoolo Secondary School with four latrines and a new water tank. The school is in a remote area so has no piped water supply and at the moment boys and girls have to share the same latrine unit, which is against the Uganda School regulation. We hope the children of Kasoolo Secondary School will not only now have access to basic sanitation and hygiene, but also the possibility of a much brighter future.


Ripple Africa

Ripple Africa are a UK charity who are working to improve the environment and local education in Malawi, Africa. We are helping them to provide eight pre-schools with lunchtime meals (approximately 500 children); 1 in 8 of these children are orphans. This project seeks to combat hunger and improve concentration so that the school are able to not only meet educational needs but also health needs.


Network for Africa

Network for Africa work with communities in the aftermath of conflict and genocide. They help the forgotten survivors of African conflict after the fighting stops and disaster relief moves on. The charity wants to extend their work into the war-torn Agago District, Uganda, where people are living in overcrowded camps and HIV is spreading quickly. Through our partnership with Network for Africa they will be able to encourage people to be tested for HIV, and if tested positive they will start treatment. We are also helping them to support people living with HIV through access to better services, counselling and medication. Pregnant or breastfeeding women will also get the advice and support needed to prevent mother-to-child transmission and work will be done in the local community to reduce the stigma surrounding the disease.



Food AWARE is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise set up to find ways of redistributing surplus food from potential waste to human consumption or other environmentally friendly means of reuse.