At Sevenhills Wholefoods, we believe in taking deliberate and transformative steps to secure the future of the planet and preserve the nature that provides for us. To do this, an important step is to respect the resources the earth provides by using them more efficiently instead of exhausting nature's reserves through disposable single-use materials. As we protect our customers from toxins through our strict organic certification and our farmers through our fair pricing, Sevenhills Wholefoods is committed to protecting the planet by switching to fully recyclable packaging.



Traditionally, the food industry has been limited to using non-recyclable packaging to ensure the food is protected. Made with materials such as aluminium, the packaging has been chosen for its ability to protect the food inside from direct contact with environmental factors (e.g., sunlight, oxygen, oil and water). These measures guard the food against elements that could deteriorate its quality, reduce its shelf-life and even change the nutritional content. However, because the packaging is made from a mix of materials, it is very difficult for customers to recycle. We've listened to customer requests for a recyclable packaging alternative that protects the food it contains and protects the environment from the harms of single-use plastics. Sevenhills Wholefoods is proud to lead the way in quality and eco-friendly practices by offering a recyclable and durable solution. 



We are proud of our award-winning products and the premium standard our customers have come to expect from us. That's why we have extensively researched, analysed, tested and approved an equally effective, recyclable alternative to conventional packaging for our entire range. LDPE pouches can be recycled with bags at the supermarket, providing a union between sustainability and functionality. In addition, LDPE packaging guarantees the same shelf-life for our products, meaning that we can keep waste at a minimum. It also means that you can continue to purchase our products in large pouches to save money and reduce delivery-related CO2 emissions.

We're excited to implement this change. However, we do not want to send our previous packaging to landfills. So please bear with us as you may receive our older packaging while we make this switch.