Organic Raw White Mulberries

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Great Taste Awards Winner 2017: 1 Star Award.

Great Taste Judges' Comments:

"An interesting and different product, which judges haven't come across before. A fig-like flavour, which is really pleasant and has a hint of honey too. The yoghurt brings out the wonderful flavour. These are very enjoyable and moreish. There are no bits left in the teeth, which is an added bonus."

"An interesting product, a delight to see such a rare fruit. The texture is pleasantly chewy and there's a light fruit flavour, although variable."

Organic Raw White Mulberries

Sevenhills Wholefoods’ Organic White Mulberries, also known as Morus alba are sourced from Turkey. Our traditionally hand-harvested berries are about the size of a grape and are sweet and chewy – much like dried figs. Our mulberries are dried at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional content and develops a pleasant crunchy texture as an alternative to raisins or other dried berries.


We harvest our Organic mulberries and allow them to dry slowly in the sun. After a quality inspection, the berries are shock frozen for 48 hours. They are then inspected and packed. 


  • Rich in natural carbohydrates which release energy slower than processed foods, this can keep you fuller for longer. 
  • Contains fibre which helps aid with digestion
  • Contains protein


100% Organic White Mulberries 


This product does not contain any substances causing allergies (Directive 2007/68/EC) as or intolerances as ingredients or by the possibility of cross-contamination. No colours, binders, fillers or preservatives added. Certified organic by the Soil Association and registered by the Vegan society. 

Suggested Use:

Take a handful of mulberries as a delicious snack. Add 30g  to cereals, desserts or baked goods.

  *Note: Packaging may vary but contents remain the same*

Organic Raw White Mulberries