Textured Canadian Yellow Pea Protein Flakes (70%)



Textured Canadian Yellow Pea Protein Flakes (70%)

Our Textured Pea Protein Flakes are made from 100% yellow peas and are an ideal vegan meat substitute.

These mildly-flavoured, unseasoned flakes need to be rehydrated (we recommend soaking them in water for 10-15 mins) before heating in a pan and cooking into favourite savoury recipes. With the fibrous, fine structure and texture, our flakes are perfect as a vegan meat alternative to pulled / shredded meat dishes and a great replacement for fish such as tuna and crab when prepared and seasoned.

Soft in texture when cooked and with 70 grams of protein per 100g, textured pea protein flakes are a wonderful meat and fish replacement.


The yellow peas (grown and harvested in Canada) are minimally processed to form textured flakes high in plant protein and fibre & are completely gluten and soy free.


  • When dry, our flakes are 3-5mm in size with a slightly crunchy texture and light-yellow in colour.
  • Use in stews, stir fries, pies, and pasta dishes according to recipe. Soak before use.
  • Made from 100% Canadian yellow peas; Grown and harvested in Canada, processed in China.

Ingredients: 100% Yellow Pea Protein Powder.


This product does not contain any substances causing allergies (Directive 2007/68/EC) as or intolerances as ingredients or by the possibility of cross-contamination. No colours, binders, fillers or preservatives added. Registered by the Vegan society.

Suggested Use: Soak in hot water for 2-3 mins until flakes are rehydrated before adding to the dish, cook until the product is piping hot. Store in a cool and dry place.

Textured Canadian Yellow Pea Protein Flakes (70%)